Unlock the real-time power of UNREAL ENGINE for CG broadcast graphics, from simple lower thirds to full frames and entire 3d scenes

Verso Live, Data-driven broadcast graphics, powered by Unreal Engine, the world-leading 3D real-time creation tool.

Create TV Graphics using Unreal Engine before importing into Verso Live for playout, control and data integration.

Verso Live enables Unreal Engine for broadcast graphics

Verso Live draws on the power of Unreal Engine 4 to offer full control over the playout of your broadcast graphics.

Developed following the award of an Epic MegaGrant, it’s easy and intuitive to use. Graphics are built in the native Unreal Engine editor, then imported into Verso Live for output and control.

Unreal Engine is a world-class engine and editor widely in use by the industry. It’s not just strong, it’s also reliable – a must when you’re broadcasting live for hours at a time.


Verso Live has been built by broadcast graphics professionals, for broadcast graphics professionals.

Everything’s included when you buy a licence – you don’t need to buy additional plugins, features or output licensing add-ons.

You can also choose the licence that works for you, whether that’s a lifetime or an annual subscription.

Why Verso

Verso Live unlocks the power of Unreal Engine for broadcast graphics, from creation through to playout, for everyone.

We developed the system to provide a cost-competitive, streamlined option, which is easy to use and open to all. Drawing on the high-quality graphics fidelity, real-time performance and exceptional capabilities of Unreal Engine, Verso Live looks to transform the landscape of live sports broadcasting, with hundreds of live sports broadcasts already set to adopt the system.

Choosing Verso Live and Unreal Engine for broadcast graphics lets you share the creative and technical possibilities that the modern games industry offers. Verso Live enables you to benefit from access to talent, resources, training and the more widely recognised skills related to Unreal Engine and other 3D creation tools.

Build your graphics in
Unreal Engine

Starting in the native Unreal Engine editor, you can create your graphics, from simple lower-thirds to full 3D scenes. The Unreal Engine editor is free to use, with a vast range of learning resources available to get you up and running quickly.

Map your graphics to

As part of your license, we provide you with a plugin that allow you to map your graphics straight to Verso Live.

Package your graphics up

Use the Unreal Engine build tools to cook your graphics and package them up so they’re ready to go live.

Broadcast READY

Once you’re happy with your graphics, they’re ready to go out live. Verso Live is powerful, reliable and built to perform in a live broadcast environment, so once you’ve got your graphics ready, you can count on Verso Live to do the rest.


Flexible, versatile and user-friendly, Verso Live works for everyone – there are no feature-based licensing or hidden output unlock costs.

Lifetime license purchase

You’ll be able to use Verso Live indefinitely. You can use it for any purpose.

You’ll also receive a 20% discount on any future versions of Verso Live.

  • Includes minor version releases and access to bug fixes for 1 year after purchase.

Annual subscription

Your subscription for the year will include free new major versions of Verso Live, for example, when Unreal Engine 5 is released.

You will have access to all updates, feature additions, performance enhancements and bug fixes as part of your subscription.

  • Free new major versions, i.e. when Epic release UE5 etc.
  • Access to all updates, feature additions, performance enhancements and bug-fixes

Verso Live Apps

VLS Interface
Data integration api
Hardware systems

Included Operator UI, to work manually with all of your graphics templates, including creating saved graphics (page files), playlists, etc.

A simple to use API that allows you to control all of Verso Live and your graphics through JSON commands sent over TCP and HTTP. Highly ‘developer friendly’.

We believe in freedom of choice. Verso Live can either provide hardware directly, or advise you on a build-your-own system or off the shelf solution, based on the performance your graphics need.

Latest news

Epic MegaGrant for real-time data-driven broadcast graphics system

Epic MegaGrant for real-time data-driven broadcast graphics system

Live event television broadcasts, such as sports, require graphics to display real-time information and enhance the coverage. The Verso Live project has received an Epic MegaGrant to create such a system using Unreal Engine (commonly referred to as a Character Generator or “CG”).

Using Verso Live

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